Azure AZ 300 Test Preparation

Proposed Strategy for preparing for AZ300

The strategy I am thinking of using for test prep is to use free eDX Azure Resources as far as possible , and supplement with MS documentation where it falls short. My proposed sequence of study is as follows , having reorganized the AZ 300 Syllabus (Microsoft) in a manner that makes sense to me :

I will be checking off the items that are covered by edX training.

Section: Deploy and configure infrastructure (25-30%)

Virtual Machines

Edx: Virtual Machines

Hersh’s Study Notes

Create and configure a Virtual Machine (VM) for Windows and Linux

Automate deployment of Virtual Machines (VMs)

Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM)

edx: Automating Azure Workloads

Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

edX Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

Hersh’s Notes: Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

Create connectivity between virtual networks

Implement and manage virtual networking

Microsoft Azure Identity

edx: Microsoft Azure Identity

Plualsight: Savill

Study Notes

Manage Azure Active Directory (AD)

Implement and manage hybrid identities

Microsoft Azure Storage

edX: Microsoft Azure Storage

Study Notes

Create and configure storage accounts

Analyze resource utilization and consumption

No edx course available for this.

Pluralsight: Monitoring Microsoft Azure Resources and Workloads

Implement workloads and security (20-25%)

Migrate servers to Azure

edx: Migrating Workloads to Azure

Configure serverless computing

Pluralsight: Configuring Serverless Computing in Microsoft Azure

Implement application load balancing

Integrate on-premises network with Azure virtual network

Create and deploy apps (5-10%)

Create web apps by using PaaS

edx: Microsoft Azure App Service

Design and develop apps that run in containers

Pluralsight course: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - The Big Picture

Hersh’s Study Notes: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - The Big Picture

Implement authentication and secure data (5-10%)

edx: Azure Security & Compliance

Implement authentication

Implement secure data solutions

Develop for the cloud and for Azure storage (20-25%)

Cosmos Db

edx: Developing Planet-Scale Applications in Azure Cosmos DB

Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage

SQL Server

edx: Databases in Azure

Develop solutions that use a relational database

Data Streams

edx: processing Real-Time Data Streams in Azure

Configure a message-based integration architecture

Develop for autoscaling

AZ 300 Syllabus (Microsoft)

Pixal Robots : Study resources for the AZ-300

Udemy Practice Questions