Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker

A Hybrid Runbook is an Azure automation runbook that runs on a dedicated virtual machine. “Regular” automation runbooks cannot access resources in other clouds or on-premises. The Hybrid Runbook Worker feature of Azure Automation allows you to run runbooks directly on the computer hosting the role and against resources in the environment to manage those local resources.

Azure Gold Images

In this article I show how to create  and deploy custom images (also known as Gold Images)  in Azure. A Gold image is a fully patched image that had all our needed software, registry settings, and configurations installed.

In a previous  article,   “DSC with Infrastructure-As-Code and Azure Automation is a potent combination”, I outlined the limitations of using a “Gold Image” to provision your Virtual Machines, that keeping the machines cloned from these golden images up-to-date with latest versions of software and patches is non-trivial task, and in that article I outlined a strategy for provisioning virtual machines that are in a continual state of operational readiness using Azure Automation DSC and infrastructure as code.

However, some clients do want to continue using Gold Images. There is sometimes a reluctance to change established ways of doing things, or  just paucity of time . To satisfy such clients, we do need to create and provision such “Gold Images”, and in this article, I show how.

DSC with Infrastructure-As-Code and Azure Automation is a potent combination

This article shows how DSC, Infrastructure-as-Code and Azure #Automation play together by presenting a fully automated sample of a vm provisioned using an ARM template with a DSC extension, deployed using an Azure Automation Runbook, whose state is managed using DSC. I have attempted to build up to this article by provisioning the vm and adding it to DSC manually, and then automating the process. I have also tried to show the business value that DSC, infrastructure-as-code and automation brings to the traditional ways of provisioning and managing the state of servers.

A Pagination Strategy For A CosmosDb API

Introduction In this post, I discuss two approaches for providing pagination functionality to a CosmosDb  Telemetry API that follows the JSON API Spec  for Pagination, which specifies that a JSON API may provide “previous”, “next” and “self” links in the response body that the user can follow to get the next/previous page sets. { “meta”: {…

A Strategy to Secure Azure CosmosDb APIs

Backstory In a recent engagement I had to devise a way to secure a Json Api that surfaced data from a Azure CosmosDb collection. The use case was that a API consumer should first be authenticated by suitable means and once his/her identity was established, authorized to only query a subset of data to which…