ASP.NET Professional Projects

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This book was written by me in 2000 and was published by Thompson Press. From the back cover:

This book offers intermediate to advanced IT professionals the chance to learn the inner workings of new SOAP/XML developments by working through a real-life application. Readers will design an accounting product for the Web using ASP .NET and Web Services. The application can be written in any .NET language and all communication is over the Internet. Readers will walk away feeling confident about developing real-life projects using ASP .NET.


The ASP.NET Programming Environment
Introducing ASP.NET
Introducing ASP.NET Web Forms and Controls
Using ADO.NET in the .NET Framework
Data Binding
Input Validation
User Controls
Custom Controls
Business Objects
Working with ASP.NET Web Services
ASP.NET Applications
A Personal Finance Manager
The Design of the Personal Finance Manager
Chart of Accounts
The Trial Balance Report
Web Services
Creating a Generic Database Web Service
Designing a Navigation System
Incorporating Web Services in the Chart of Accounts Form
Incorporating Web Services in the Transactions Form
Incorporating Web Services in the Trial Balance
Inventory Management System
The Design of the Inventory Management System
Inventory Masters
Inventory Movements
The Inventory Balances Report
The Geneditadd Control
Using the GenEditAdd Control
Extending the GenEditAdd Contrtol
Visual Studio.Net
Displaying Database Data Using a Strongly-Typed DataSet
Writing CRUD Applications with Visual Studio.NET
Creating a Web Service Using Visual Studio.NET
Installing the Sample Database
List of Database Objects Created